Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Natasha's News 7

Hello, Nuts!
Okay. So I haven't written in months. I'm so sorry, but mainly about the work I've been doing. We are opening schools for kids or anyone who wants to go. We will be learning the regular school stuff, barely but properly, but we are also going to be learning how to use our powers. Okay. I just read this and it sounds pretty mean. I'm sorry, I'm just sooooooo stressed. Your king hear is screaming gibberish, and I am working on a big project. Speaking of projects, I have a few things to talk about. I want everyone to keep a journal on funny instances. Anyone can do that. So the next part is that you have to have a name for it. Such as Point Tub. Now you have no idea what that means, but if I say it to someone who was there, they would burst out laughing. I am right now. That is the first thing. The second is my spies. If you would come for a meeting in the _______ room, I will explain our new mission. It has to do with Eva. Someone has been captured. Now this isn't so amazing. But this person, according to our resources is not part of Malpujish or Natwal. And it is definitely not part of Eva, of course. Anyway. The third thing is that a secret letter has been sent out. It is not me who sent it, I am just a messenger. So if you hear anyone talking about it, tell them it is not something scary. It is just like secret santa, except there probably won't be a gift at the end. to go.
Bye Nuts!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Natasha's News 6

Hello, everyone.
Now that we have figured out this whole Eva/Earth thing we are going to introduce some entertainment to your lives.
First of all, the most magical volcano, one that moves, has erupted and made a new island. It is also our first island. It is called, Baboyy. It is probably the most relaxed place of all. That is why it is so hard to go there. Either you get special permission from the king, Ujjwal, you pay( I didn't want to make the price too high, but it is a small island and people want to go there), or you win it in contests. Speaking of contests, here's..............................
The second news we have to say, is if you go channel one on your all new free TVs, you will see singing contests, dancing contests, comedy contests, and many more. There are 3 separate singing contests-there is a surprise and the end of each of them. There is Ujna Idol, Who Wants to be the Next Royal Entertainer?, and All in Favor of the King, Sing! There are 2 dancing contests. Dancing With the Royals, and How Graceful are You? The singing surprise is there for the dancing contest too. There is 1 comedy contest. How Far Across Natwal, Do You Make People Laugh? There is no surprise at the end of this contest.
If you are the winner for these contests, you get to go to.................................................................
................................................... Baboyy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Natasha's News 5

As many of you know, since you have been there too, I have gone on a ship, called the Hawaiian Chieftain. Some of you might have gone on the Lady Washington. Some in the morning, or like me, in the afternoon. I must say that it was a wonderful trip. Speaking of trips, our spies have gone to earth. It was almost a complete disaster. Almost. It wasn't a COMPLETE disaster. We found some people of Eva there trying to capture people to become one of them. A few of us have gotten captured, but it will be OK, because anyone who belonged once to Ujna, will never go to Eva's side, because they know how evil Eva is. They will escape in a few days, we can't go there, but we can send telepathic messages to them saying a plan. But some of us will need to go and see their plans so we can make a plan. A few of our spies will go on Saturday. Wish our spies luck!
P.S. I am not a spy anymore since now we have enough spies. All of Ujna is counting on you, spies. Goodbye.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Natasha's News 4

Hi everyone!

I have an announcement to make. In Natwal we are opening a new restaurant. It's called The Baby Bottle Cafe. It is also a daycare for adults who want to be like kids again. I'm not sure it will be a big success. But it is there, just in case. So if you'll want a job there, I'll give you extra money for all the time you are there getting bored. But if it is a success you will have only the pay for that. Again, if it isn't a success, then I'll give extra money. And if you think I'm giving you money for nothing, I'll offer jobs at the palace to whoever that works there that want it. By the way, ever since we moved from earth to start Natwal, the perfect, magical world to be in, we have promised the earthlings to watch out and care for them. So tomorrow we will get our spies there to see how it is going and help in anyway possible, with all our powerful, well-used magic.

I hope everyone is doing well!

P.S. Since I have tried many and failed may times to have a fixed time to when I write this, please check any time you have to see if it's new. My problem in writing at a fixed time, is that I am very busy with the royal duties as the real king is too baby to rule. Once again, goodbye!

Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm so sorry I haven't been writing even if I'm writing to no one because no one leaves a comment or emails me about it. I'll try the weekly thing again starting Feb. 1. Until then I will write when I can.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

In Between Anouncment 1

Hello. This is about how often I will be writing now and about our spies. Starting today, I will be writing every week. Sometimes it will be an In Between Announcement like this one. We have two spies already. One of them is in MA, and the other is in CA. They will be our two heads for different places. I hope to get more spies. Thank you.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Natasha's News 3

Hello, everyone. Your free meal at McDudu or Gerber Cafe will be on January 8. For those of you coming to my birthday, it will be a very special birthday. First everyone will come to my place, the royal palace. Then we will go eat at the Baby Diner. Finally we will come back to the royal palace and watch a movie in the theater hall. Still at my palace, just in a different room. Then you will all go home in your carriages. I was hoping also, other than the spies to have a few people to take care of the fairies-make their food and find more homes for them. Near Lake Mairie are where the fairy homes are supposed to be. In Lake Mairie, the mermaids have lots of work to do because of our amount of water this year. They need a little help in giving us some more water. Anyone who does any of these jobs will get a (fake) hundred dollar bill. Some of you have decorated ones and have seen it before. I am sorry I didn't do my countdown like I said. I got a little busy with my royal problems like not having any spies, fairies, and mermaids.